Sunday, June 6, 2010

In training

Grandma and Grandpa will be babysitting for a few days next weekend while we go camping, so they came this weekend for a bit of "training"...
Great Grandma sent of tomato plants over that she started from seed. Logan really liked helping Grandma garden. Hey--notice our new fence! :)
Logan helped Grandpa spread the wood mulch around the tree and the front garden.

Saturday turned out to be a lovely day. Logan went "shopping" with us to the local community garage sale and we got this pool for $8.

"Ring around the rosy..."

Logan was the only one brave enough to get more than their ankles wet. While it was hot outside the water from the hose was cold!
Logan didn't mind the cold water at all! In fact, half way through he took off his shirt and bathing suit so he could just be in his bathing suit diaper...

Thanks for all the fun! See you next weekend!

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