Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Kayla!

Saturday morning we went to Kayla's 2nd birthday party
Logan stepped up to give Kayla some pointers on how to blow out the candles...

Logan loves cooking
Logan at first couldn't climb up the ladder to the slide. But he watched the older boys do it few times --it was like he studying them -and then just went it did all by himself!

Logan in the three-level play thingy -basically like one of those gerbil activity things but for kids.

Learning the ropes with Daddy
Logan could get to this point and then would get stuck
"Help please. Help please, Daddy!"
I don't think Allan minded going to the top with Logan...

On the way home when the suger icing kicked in, Logan sang a song that he made up himself last week.
"Fire truck, fire truck, big fire truck, FIRE TRUCK!"

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