Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Birthday, Caprii!

Our little princess celebrated her 4th birthday with a princess party! Here's King Logan enjoying the attention of the older girls. ;)
King Logan with Queen Lola.
Note the amazing 'king cape' he is wearing. I MADE THIS! Woot! Woot! An old red t-shirt, a dollar-store hand towel, a permanent black marker and fabric glue. Yes, I am very proud of it.
Logan and Auntie Shirley
My little sweatshop workers. I'm planning on selling my 'thug life' and 'emo love' key chains online. If you'd like one, please let me know what colour you want the the butterflies and hearts. This is the hottest new trend and you can own yours now for $2 plus S&H! Royal waves from Uncle Allan...
King Kiyan!
Mommy with some of the Royalty present at the party... Kings of the Basketball Courts
Logan LOVED watching all the helium balloons blowing around the ceiling. Once he grabbed one he did not want to let go and even fell asleep holding it...partying is hard work!

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