Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sitting up and Rice Lake

On Friday Logan let go of my hand and sat by himself -at 5 months and 2 weeks! He's been busy trying out this new trick ever since.

We went to Tita and Tito's cottage on Rice Lake for a night. Logan was so happy we were on a mini getaway and was excited to stay up and watch movies with us.
He also got a chance to practice his sloppy kisses on my cheek...

And yes, that is the new Ikea catalog -already with with post-it notes marking what I want!

Logan also went fishing with Daddy. He got to try out his fishing rod that cousin Jacob gave him.

We also had a chance to stop by our house. This is looking through the front door. The wood flooring is now in, staircase is stained and the carpet is in. Seems like all that is left is for us to move in!

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