Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Swap-Bot Mail

All yesterday morning Logan and I waited for the Rogers dude to come and change some server box or something -they called ME and scheduled the appointment. He never showed up which seriously pissed me off as I got up at 6 am to shower so I would be able to answer the door anytime during the time frame they gave me. Then when we finally got outside it started raining and continued to rain the whole afternoon and evening. What a blah day....until we ran across the street and got the mail!

As I mentioned before, I've joined swap-bot were you can sign up for different themed swaps.

We got a package from LA for the 'Cupcake Galore' swap!

Logan even got a gift too!

I LOVE the tea towel and spatula! Soon I'll be baking cupcakes in my new kitchen -only a few more weeks of waiting...

We also got a package from Germany for the 'Sons are Great!' swap.

Here is Logan playing with his new pet Spider.
Logan concentrating hard on turning the pages -it's a new skill that we're working on. This book is perfect for his small hands.

There were even a few things for Mommy and Daddy too! :) I especially found the organic baby tea to be interesting. Erica translated the back for me so we're going to give it a try tomorrow.

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