Thursday, August 7, 2008

Male Model

Logan showed potential to be a male model from an early age. So this morning he helped me recreate what happened sometime last night.

When Logan was put to sleep he was like this -his head to the right of the crib...
When he woke up in the morning his feet were where his head once was. I have no idea how he did this; he can't get into a sitting position by himself, he can't crawl and he's only sort of rolling over. Plus the width of the crib is smaller than the length of Logan. I suppose this will forever be a mystery. Allan theory is that he sneaks out a night when we are asleep, borrows the car and visits his friends from playgroup...last night he drank too much milk and forgot which way he originally put him in the crib. My cousin Perry got my this Pooh outfit for Logan. The size is 6-12 months so it'll fit perfectly for Halloween but I thought we'd give it a test run since it's so cute and to help Logan work on those modeling poses....

"Okay! Enough already, Mommy!" In other news, our final walk through for the house is August 11th, move in date is currently set for Aug 26th and I'm getting all four wisdom teeth out on Aug 29th. Yikes!

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