Saturday, September 18, 2010

Children's Festival

On Saturday morning we headed out to the mall to find Logan all black shoes for his upcoming dance classes -no luck and finding ones we liked but we did get to see kittens!After nap we headed over to the Children's Festival: while they expanded the things there, I think there must have been three times as many people as when we went last year.

The big thing for Logan was getting to go on a bus!
He just wanted to sit in the parked bus for the longest time...
Then it was off to the cousin's to help Lola babysit as Uncle and Auntie had a wedding to go to.
Here they are in the back yard playing "Easter Bunny"

Playing "Just Dance" on the Wii for about three hours
Love this face...

Lola and Auntie Mylene even joined in!

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