Friday, March 29, 2013

Fun at the Niagara Aquarium

We had a great time at the Niagara Aquarium
For a five and two year old this was the perfect place to spend about two hours.

 The seals in the central tank were the biggest hit
If you go, you need to see the seal show.
All the seals were rescued -some were hurt or have medical conditions -and can not be released into the wild.
It's best to watch the show from the top floor.


 Turtles, tropical fish, seals and penguins! What a fun morning!

 Since we were in the States we headed over to Target to stock up on Goldfish! So many flavours over there that we don't have in Canada
Logan got some Lego, which was also cheaper over in the States and had fun putting it together with Daddy.

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