Saturday, July 30, 2011

Splash Pad Review 5: Tomlinson Park

Late Saturday afternoon, we left sleeping Kalia with Daddy and Logan and I hit the Markham splash pads again! We first went to the one at Tomlinson Park which is on the east side of Boxwood Crescent, West of 9th Line and South of 14th Avenue.


*Parking lot right beside playground
*Sponge floor on playground
*Cement floor for splash pad
*Seating all along splash pad with some shade
*One large cactus squirty thingy and two floor jets
*Baseball and soccer fields and walking trails

As we were walking into the park, two kids were leaving and gave us their review: "The water is freezing and the slides are really hot". Very accurate and a good summary.

So here is the splash pad. Initially I liked the set up with the circle ring to keep the kids contained and the seating all around. The bushes around it provided shade in some places too.
But this was pretty much the extent of Logan's enjoyment. He placed the bucket in different places, pushed the button until it filled up and then poured the water on my feet. Even when I went on the splash pad it was hard to get him to join me. The water pressure is really high so you get really wet rather than sprinkled or misted on -I guess this makes it feel more cold than the other splash pads. There really wasn't any timing to the jets either -they all turned on and then two floor jets stopped leaving just the middle thing. That's it.
The playground with the sponge floor is right beside the splash pad.
Swings for babies and older kids
Two large playground set-ups with a nice mix for older and younger kids
The marble maze with a hit with Logan
The black floor of the playground structure had that same rubber covering as the Benjamin Marr park so it wasn't hot -the blue plastic slides where though.
Overall, the park was a bigger hit then the splash pad here.

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