Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mobile Remodel

Kim over at A Girl and A Glue Gun recently put a call out for our favorite crafts EVER! That's a tough one but I picked Dawn's cute felt owls over at Not Just a Mommy. When I saw this tutorial I bookmarked it and started slaking Dawn daily.

I took off a few weeks before my daughter's due date and kind of thought about the whole "nesting" thing but choose napping and daytime tv instead. Then one night I panicked --"OMG, the baby's mobile! I only have the (ugly) sports one my husband picked out for our son! This just won't do for my baby daughter!!!" So with my glue gun, Dawn's tutorial and some scrap felt from my mom, I made this mobile in ONE night:

My nesting instincts were satisfied! So satisfied that I went into labour that week! There's a picture of me IN LABOUR with the mobile here. My daughter was born three and half hours after this picture was taken...with no drugs. True story. LOL

The after:
Just hot glued the felt pieces right over top!

And here it is over her bassinet. The football was an odd shape -not really like an owl. I just took cotton balls and glued them on to make a cloud.
Cute, eh? Now that she's pretty much over the mobile stage I can just snip them off and put them on the bookshelf. :D

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Digital Misfit said...

Adorable upcycling! Your owls are so cute (almost as cute as your daughter!)

Patrice said...

The owls are too cute. Great idea! Thanks for linking up with Lemon Tree Creations today!

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