Monday, July 11, 2011

Fun and More Fun with the Grandparents

Logan had a week off of daycare so we headed down for a visit to see the Grandparents for a few days. Logan loved going swimming. His swim classes have made a big difference and he's comfortable swimming around in a life jacket.
Kalia really liked the water too and was moving her legs a lot

Getting rides from Grandpa
Feeding the goldfish
Enjoying playing outside

Playing in the basement on the reclining chair
Glow sticks in bathtub again!
We came up with something new to do with our glow sticks --put them in a balloon!

Playing catch in dark bathroom
Eating a snack on the porch with Grandma
Logan preforming...

Eating muffins with Erica in Stratford AKA Justin Bieber's home town!!!!!!!!
Feeding the ducks

More swimming fun!
Kalia LOVES to swim!

Sitting in Grandma's old high chair
Logan pretending to eat a cookie like Kali
Baby play-date at Tito Lee's parents
Visiting Great Grandma

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