Sunday, July 10, 2011

THEMUSEUM in Kitchener

On our way to Grandma and Grandpa's we stopped at THEMUSEUM, which is a children museum in downtown Kitchener. We checked it out on a Monday morning. Despite having a summer camp going on, we found we had most of the exhibits to ourselves.
On the main floor, Logan really enjoyed these over sized blocks.
I found out my camera has a function that the only colour it will show is green and yellow. Weird. Maybe you can switch that colour up; time to actually read the manual.

Both Kali and Logan found the dimmed "tot spot" to be really cool. If we had more time I think we would have hung out in here longer.

Logan at the record store
Break-dancing, of course.

Water tables are always a hit with preschoolers

The special exhibit right now is "Grossology". And they aren't joking; it's very gross! It's all about poo, farts, Allan and Logan liked it.

Overall, this was enjoyable for a 6 month old and a three and half year old. We spent about an hour and half looking around. If we had more time we could have ended our visit with another half hour in the tot spot but we were getting close to lunch and nap time. The fourth floor had a special exhibit on horses and space that was a little too old for a preschooler so we just did a quick walk through. Logan's been calling it the "new Science Centre" and gives it two thumbs up. I'd return on a weekday, especially to spend more time in the tot spot.
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