Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I'm 10 months old!

Last night we got about 9 cm of snow. But it warmed up in the afternoon, so instead of being inside all day Logan and I ventured out... Logan is getting over a cold so I bundled him up nice and warm.
Here is Logan giving me a 'thumbs up' as I try and shovel the mound of snow in front of our drive way -I ended up giving up and leaving it for Daddy.

The best part of being outside is the toboggan rides. We went up and down our street four times and up and down our back lane way twice. What a great work out for Mommy especially since Logan loves going fast!

Back home already?!??!
To celebrate Logan turning 10 months old he made his first snow angel!

What a fun afternoon! I love the snow, Mommy!

Back inside!

Being 10 months is hard work. Is it nap time yet?

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