Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mom's New Project

From the start Allan and I have been tracking Logan's diapers and feedings. This is especially important when breastfeeding because you measure if they are taking in enough food by their diapers. And now that we're giving breast milk in a bottle, I'm now also tracking pumping.

I've tried to take things up a notch in the last few days and try and track his sleep too. I thought there might be a pattern developing and wanted to track improvements in overnight sleeps. I started creating the world's most complicated excel spreadsheet, until thanks to the lovely ladies over at
Rookie Mom I came across the Trixie Tracker.

Now I'm sure this tracker is not for everyone as it's a bit obsessive maybe. However those that know me well will likely roll their eyes because it's 'sooo me'. I'm in love with it. It even can calculate the probability of Logan being asleep at any hour. Brilliant! Now I will be able to better guess if it's a good idea to take that long uninterrupted shower or bath I've been wanting. It even let's you share some of the information online for others to view.
Now dad and grandparents you can check out how our day is going...what is doesn't show is a sleep deprived mommy serializing and getting bottles ready at 4am but you get the idea. Doesn't this make you want to have kids, Auntie Vinita?!?

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