Sunday, July 26, 2009

Our Weekend

Logan is a very big boy now -he has mastered the use of a spoon and can now eat cereal by himself. Saturday morning we got Logan's haircut. I wish he would stay still for us at home!

Hannah's 2nd and Jacob'4th Birthday party was at a gymnasium.

Happy Birthday!
Hannah and Logan didn't want the party to end.
While people were leaving, these two were still getting down.

Saturday afternoon it poured. When it's raining hard, Logan likes to go to the front porch and feel the water on his hands.

And then on Sunday morning after waiting in line to get into started to pour! It wasn't suppose to until after lunch! Since we have season tickets, we decided to leave rather than wait a few hours for it to pass. Thank goodness we can we can go into Toys R Us, play with the toys and then leave without a full tantrum....likely won't last much longer. Daddy taught Logan to push the trains and say 'choo-choo'. Very cute.

To celebrate the arrival of a new cousin in Vietnam in 216 days we went out for Pho's.
Logan loved it and was very well behaved.

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