Friday, March 2, 2012

Logan's Dance Birthday Party

Logan had his 4th birthday and by his request we had a dance party!

The Decor
I made some tissue pom-poms -very simple to make and so cute!
I made some record bowls to hold tattoos and made some signs from the Ikea frame with Logan's picture (like I did for Kali's birthday party)

These I reused from Logan's 1st birthday party --I just added a little disco ball that I picked up at the dollar store at Christmas time. I just punched out different sized circles out of shiny sticker paper with my circle punch and then stuck them on a ribbon.
The cupcake stand got a quick re-do the night before --It was a wild zebra print for Logan's 3rd birthday and an elegant black and white for Kalia's Baptism). The tutorial is here.


Pin-the-Record-on-the-Record-Player / Blind DJ
With my amazing drawing skills (ha!) I sketched out a DJ set up and then punched out some circles out of black paper. Add a scarf and we had a game perfect for a dance party!
 Logan had fun helping the smaller kids

 Disco Ball Craft
I cut sticker paper into little squares and the kids put them on paper plates to create their own disco balls

 The dance floor downstairs
Watching B-Boy videos
Tattoo station

Cake time!

Kali checking out all the shoes

Thanks for making my 4th birthday awesome!

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