Saturday, February 9, 2008

15 days left?

I had my last day of work yesterday -Mark gave me a hug good-bye which was really cute. However, it still doesn't seem really final. There are drinks on Wednesday night for Jillian and CCO Pub Night on Friday, so I wasn't really saying 'bye' to anyone, more like 'see you later, have fun working while I sleep-in and watch movies for the next two weeks...'

I had some upsetting test results come back on Thursday. Upsetting because it may result in not having the natural birth that I had envisioned. I'll have to get an IV with antibiotics during labour, which may make moving around difficult and if my water breaks before I go into active labour, they want to induce me...which I'm most upset about. I'm really glad I have Andrea (Doula) and Erica, who is a nurse for support.

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