Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm 7 Months Old!

Logan turned 7 months old today! He's looking like such a little man.

He's wearing a lot of '12 month' sized clothing now. Allan and I are just in total awe of how fast our son is growing.

Logan's personality is really shining though. He's very curious and loves looking at the camera -sometimes it's hard to take candid photos.

He loves story time and picks the books we read from his 'book bucket'.

His favorite books continue to be 'On the Farm' where you pet the animals, 'Bobo the Dog' from Auntie Mylene and 'My Baby Elephant'. We're still working on the art of turning pages...sometimes he turns them the wrong way. I guess he must really like the story!
Logan has also recently 'found his voice', which I've learned is what parents say when their child learns how to scream. And boy can Logan scream. It's really made the last few days hard and has been a very good test of my patience. I try to remind myself that that he's just trying to communicate and lately I've been taking one nap when he does each day. "Sleeping when the baby sleeps" is great advice but now that Logan sleeps through the night I actually feel a little bit guilty about napping. However, it's keeping me sane. Anyway, Logan understands 'kiss', 'hug', Stinky poo-poo' and 'No, no, no'. I'm currently working on 'gentle' and 'quieter". I'll keep you posted...

We have started looking into daycare for Logan. It's a hard choice.
And knowing that I may only have a few more months at home with him I'm really trying take moments to enjoy just being with my little 'baby'. I know that soon he won't want to snuggle so often or fit so nicely in my arms.

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