Saturday, November 7, 2009


-Logan has a girlfriend at daycare named Kate. They dance together and hold hands during gym. They hug bye and yesterday Kate cried when Logan had to leave.

-Logan has gone pee in the potty three times now. All before bath time. It's a good start. He can also flush the toilet by himself now.

-His teachers at daycare have described him as "very easy going" and noted that he loves books, helping to clean and dancing to music.

-Loggie likes to look at photo albums. We point to pictures and name things and people. His favorite photo album is my trip to Vietnam. Although he has yet to met them, he can name "Auntie" and "Uncle".

-He knows all the names of the characters in Yo Gabba Gabba and many of the songs from the show. He also like to try out the "cool tricks" they show. He can break dance, do gymnastics, tap dance and is trying to do a belly roll...

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