Monday, October 3, 2011

The leaves are falling everywhere

 Sometimes you have the most fun while making the most mess! Kids know this, but sometimes as parents we forget. 
 Logan and I were talking about our trip to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live and he was telling me how his favorite part was when all the leaves fell on us.
So we decided to recreate it at home! Supplies we used:
Fan -I think it would be neat to plug in more than one next time, maybe across from each other. 
A contained space -we did this in his bedroom rather than the playroom
Tissue leaves -we used the ones we brought home from the show but it would be a simple craft project to do
I just held a handful in front of the fan and slowly let them go...
 "It is Fall, it is Fall. the leaves are falling everywhere!" 

Then we played a game where I would call out a colour and he would try to quick gather those leaves as they fell around him...

We ended by turning off the fan and taking turns hiding Smurfs for the other to find in the leaves. 

Kind of messy but cleaning up was fun too!
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