Friday, May 30, 2008

Adventures in Logan Land

Logan and I had a busy week....Baby Goose at the Library on Monday, Babes in Playland session at the Early Years Center on Tuesday, a trip to the mall on Wednesday, visited Tita Julie and Baby Maya in Pickering on Thursday and a visit from cousins today.
After talking to a bunch of new moms this week I've really come to appreciate just how good I've got it. There is a list of complaints that I've heard moms rhyme off that don't apply to me anymore. I talk full showers. I blow dry my hair almost every morning. I've read many 'child care/ baby sleep' books and even a few Chick Lit ones since Logan was born. I take at least one bubble bath a week. I bake cupcakes. I'm well rested. I have energy to go for a walk every day. Every evening my hubby and I have some time alone together. I'm well rested. I have time to eat three meals a day. LOL These things might seem sooo small but it's amazing that once you have a baby these things are no longer taken for granted. There were days when Allan came home from work and I was still in my PJs. And just over a month ago I was so sleepy I walked into a wall. The first two months were a real challenge and adjustment. But the work Logan and I put into establishing a routine is totally paying off now. Logan has been the youngest baby that we've met at the playgroups; most babies there are over 7 months old. I guess it's pretty impressive for us to both show up feed, clean and dressed for a 9:45am session. I'm quite proud of us, especially since I didn't think we'd be doing this well until about 5 months. I guess Logie is just advanced for his age. :) LOL

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