Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Lauren!

Yes, another busy weekend for our family.
Saturday Logan went and got a another haircut at Melonheads after a failed attempt by Daddy...
Logan also got in some DJ practice.

On Sunday it was Lauren's 13th birthday! A teenager already!
We went for Sushi, which Logan loved.
Here he is with his Lolo Oscar.

The cat with the moving hand was a very big hit with all the kids. Auntie Vicki even lifted Logan up so he could give him a high five and wave back at him.

Uncle Kerwin's magic tricks were also a favorite of Logan's but he is one smart cookie and soon caught on to where his Tupperware of cookies was disappearing to...
Happy Birthday, Ate Lauren!

Unfortunately we had a very rough Sunday night and by Monday Logan was not in a good mood and very upset. Allan and I took him to the on call doctor at our family doctor's clinic and got him checked out. An ear infection! Again!
I was doing what ever I could to distract Logan and keep him happy while we waited....

He's feeling a lot better now compared to Monday.

Today, Daddy is on his way to Vegas to visit family and see the Manny fight on Saturday.

We miss you already, Daddy!


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