Sunday, April 5, 2009

A full weekend

Logan loves his books. He likes to pull all of them on to the floor and "read" to us. He has mastered turning the the pages and is now babbling away and telling us stories.

We noticed that Logan loves pushing buttons now and he knows how to turn on our clock radio and starts to dance....So, we got Logan a new toy -the muno groove guitar!

It's pretty awesome! And he LOVES it!

On Sunday morning we watched the PVR'ed Yo Gabba Gabba episode 'New Friends' and it was the best one yet -Jack Black was the guest for the whole show. Logan is starting to pick up on the actions of the dances.

The weather was nice on Sunday so Logan and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. Lots of friendly dogs to pet and blow kisses to and lots of kids out on their bikes to wave to.

We also went out for sushi for Uncle Alwyn's birthday at the same place as last year -he was so tiny then!

Logan was very happy to get to show his Lolo his 'high five' trick...

Another great weekend!

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