Saturday, April 18, 2009


Logan rocked his Keon Cam shirt from Old Navy this week and set out to get into some mischief.

Logan loves to brush his teeth but he's suppose to stand still or sit down ---staying still hasn't been an easy thing for him to do recently.

He loves going into our Master bathroom. He wants to open and close all the doors and touch the scale. He's recently learnt how fun it is to unwind the toilet paper.
He also always runs some water into the tub. Perhaps he's trying to tell me to unwind, relax and take a bubble bath...?

Max Out!

1 comment:

KyleThao said...

Wow you look verry tall now Logan... Love to see you growing up verry fast day by day and see you can do lot of thing now..HUG you tight and tight..tightttt...from Kyle & Thao

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