Sunday, January 2, 2011

Friday with Mommy

Logan spent Friday at home with Mommy while Daddy had to work until mid-afternoon.
Here he is watching his Owl Babies video with his buddies.

When we read this book we change the names to Whoo-Whoo, Barky and Logan Owl.

We made ice again for bath time. We made the "train of ice" again with buttons and string and then the larger ice blocks that we got from a Makes and Takes blog post. Logan thought putting toys in ice was hilarious and loved making them.

And since we we were talking about ice, coldness and freezing, we ended the activity off with a yogurt popsicle!
Here is "Grandpa Jr" with his tool belt from Uncle Ron and his tool box from Uncle Chris.
He helped hang a picture and put stickers on the wall for his sister Kalia.
Playing a "drum" to a Micheal Jackson song

Listening to the sounds that coins make when you drop them into the drum...
A great day and a great way to end 2010!

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