Friday, January 28, 2011

Last weekend

After dance class we took the kids to the Ontario Science Centre. This was Kali's first time there. We're sure getting good use out of our membership -every time Logan finds something different there...
Here you press a button and look at animal pictures and hear the noise they make.
Can you guess what animal Daddy is pretending to be?
I have no clue; maybe a party animal?
In the rain forest!
Logan loves to go grocery shopping. It's actually pretty hilarious to watch because the kids run around and "buy" food...then all the parents are putting things back in their proper spots, just as fast as the kids pick them up to buy them!
Logan likes to stock up on food items --like a basket of fish and then a basket of assorted cheeses.
A shopping cart full of vegetables!
Logan explaining to the cashier how you scan things to make it beep...
Mommy putting away a basket full of dairy products...
Logan discovered a new area to play in --here you can add blocks to make walls and title the roof "like Grandpa".
This is likely Logan's favorite thing at the Science Centre...I remember this being there when I was a kid, although it use to be on a different floor. He loves watching the balls wind around the little maze...

Back at home on Sunday...
Ate Mix and cousin Lauren stopped by to meet Kalia

Logan got two packages of Silly Banz! I'm not really sure why but kids are loosing their minds over these things. I guess this is like the snap bracelet craze in the early 90's. Logan and his cousins love these little bracelets.

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