Monday, January 12, 2009

Logan woke up very hot yesterday morning -38.5 degrees Celsius (101.3 Fahrenheit). I sent Allan off to work and made a doctor appointment for Logan as I thought it might be an ear infection. The doctor was able to fit us in for 2pm.
He was feeling so bad that he didn't want to play with his toys! He just wanted to lie down in Mommy's lap, complain and watch his Baby Einstein video. Sometimes taking out the camera cheers Logan up. He likes when I take a video and replay it back for him....well, he normally does. Not this day!

After hearing this crying on the phone, Daddy came home at lunch and we took him to the doctor together. She said it's likely the onset of a bad cold and to expect the temperature to last up to a week. She checked to see if it could be teething and Logan bit her. LOL Logan started to get a runny nose in the evening but seemed better. Normally he sleeps through the night but he woke up at 12:30am, 3:30am and 6am. He just wanted his soother and his blanket to be 're-tucked' and then went right back to sleep.

This morning we woke up happy and no fever at all! So after his morning nap I took him to his first 'real' day at daycare. I let his teacher know about yesterday and asked her to call me if he got warm or seemed unsettled. Daddy keeps calling the house to see how I'm doing and my heart stops each time the phone rings!

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GarbageJ said...

Ohhhhhh maaaaan! Poor kid.


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