Wednesday, January 7, 2009

10 Months: Our Routine

I will be going back to work in less than a week and a half so things are going to drastically change for all of us. I thought now would be a good time to record what a typical day at home for us is. I did a little write up of his routine at 5 months and then his 7 month morning routine before. Here is Logan's day at 10 months and three weeks...

6am: The day starts for Mommy
I get up and shower and blow dry my hair.

6:45:The Day starts for Daddy and Logan
Logan wakes up, Daddy gets him and changes his diaper. I change Logan into his outfit that I picked out the night before.
7am: Breakfast
Breakfast is soo much easier now that he can feed himself. Logan starts off with plain Cheerios, a piece of cheese and his sippy cup with Homo Milk. I make coffee, get Allan's lunch together and make Al and I breakfast. Logan then eats a piece of whole wheat toast while I have my breakfast and then I feed him some yogurt.

Logan's newest 'trick' is sharing.
He likes to share his food and his pacifier with Mommy and Daddy.

After breakfast I put him in his jumper. I have a cup of coffee and watch BT and Logan makes a 'stinky'. Second diaper change of the day!

7:30am: Some Daddy Time

Daddy's downstairs with us. Normally he'll have a bit more time with us but today there is a winter storm and he has to shovel before getting the car out.

We wait downstairs until Daddy is ready to go so that we can give our good bye kisses. Logan really likes standing in his playpen and can now even pull himself up.

8am: Play time!

Dad is now gone and it's upstairs to 'Play Land'. We practice clapping, walking, standing and watch a baby Einstein Video.

If we were going out today now would be the perfect time to leave -he'll either fall asleep in the car or skip his morning nap. Today we're having a storm with freezing rain so we're staying in.

9am: Books and Nap time
Starting to whine...time to get ready for a nap. We don't have a set time for morning nap but he normally lets us know he is ready between 9 and 10am. I give Logan his soother and blanket and we read some board books.Normally after 15 minutes of reading I put him in his crib, turn his mobile on, turn off the lights and walk out. Most of the time he's asleep by the end of the music but sometimes he needs one more winding up of his mobile. It doesn't happen often but today he fell asleep during story time at 9:10.

10:30: Up and Ready to Play.

Logan has a good hour and a half nap. We watch the snow and of course, practice standing up. It seems like that is his favorite thing to do now.
Surprise! Third diaper change of the day! To keep Logan from rolling over and holding still we give him something to hold onto. The current things are his seal bath toy from Grandma and Grandpa and a Baby Einstein flash card with the puppets on it...before this the only thing that would keep him still was holding the Christmas card from Darryl and Nadine that played music. 11:05am: Lunch time!
Milk, some watered down juice, peas, carrots, cheese, Cheerios, three whole wheat gold fish, Homo milk, ground chicken and some banana...

And another diaper change after lunch -this is one more than usual.

12pm Fun in the Snow!

It has stopped snowing and it's pretty warm out; only -2 degrees Celsius! Yippee! I feel like Rocky training in Russia running up and down the street in the snow pulling Logan but he loves it. He then watches me shovel the driveway before we go back inside.

12:45 Back Inside and More Playtime!

We play upstairs and watch the Baby Newton video which is all about shapes. I use the flash cards as we watch the video and try to make it really interactive.

1:20 Nap Time

The routine for nap time in the afternoon is the same as the morning. He lets us know between 1 and 1:45 when he's ready and then we read books and put him in his crib. Today might be the last time I get to snuggle with him and take him into our bed for a nap together. What a treat -for me! I take about a 45 minute nap with him and then just watch him sleep, think about my 'to do list', daydream and feel so lucky to have this moment with him. He wakes up just before 3:30 and we sing songs and play little games in bed.

4pm: Time to Eat Again!

Similar to lunch but instead of banana and cheese he gets yogurt and apple sauce and a half of piece of toast. And, yes, another diaper change.

5pm:Filling Time
Daddy normally come home for around 5:30 but today he won't be home until 630. Logan watches me make dinner and then we dance up a storm until Dad gets home

6:30pm: Family Time

An hour late today but we always try to sit down together each night as a family for dinner. Logan has already eaten but we give him a snack of what ever we are having. He really likes the steamed broccoli.

Here is Logan playing the Filipino game 'Close, Open'.

7pm: Fun with Daddy

Logan and Allan watch some basketball and be silly together.

7:30pm Bedtime

Logan takes a bath and then it's time for bed.

Logan drinks just under two sippy cups of homo milk a day which is around 450 ml. He was taking so little of his bottle and wouldn't drink the formula in a sippy cup so we just switched to homo milk about a month ago. Now at night is the only time he takes a bottle had has formula. Daddy is normally the one that gives Logan his bottle and puts him in his crib.

Logan is sleeping by 8pm and after Allan shovels the driveway yet again we watch a movie together and have banana splits. Yum!

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