Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Logan is Sick

Logan has been sick the past week. It started with a running nose and cough. On Thursday Allan had to pick up him early from daycare because he had a fever -102F. On Sunday a tooth started to break through on his top-right -seven teeth now! And then on Monday Allan had to stay home with him because he had diarrhea. He has been taking really long naps and wants to go to bed early and we thought things were getting better. But today (Wednesday) his diarrhea was back and worse and the daycare asked us not to bring him tomorrow. Poor little Logan. And yet this kid's personality has stayed the same -happy, playful, social and always the life of the party! One would expert him to be miserable and complaining all week but he hasn't been. This part of his personality reminds me of his Grandfather. He certainly isn't taking after his father, who wants me to baby him when he gets the sniffles. LOL

Here are some videos from a few days ago of 11 month old Logan being his crazy self...

1 comment:

Kathy said...

adorable! what a trooper :) be glad for the long naps!! i wish kayla would have long, regular naps :)

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