Thursday, January 5, 2012

Boxing Day till New Years 2011

After Christmas dinner we headed to Niagara Falls to spend Boxing Day long weekend with Lola.

 Lola said she'd treat Logan to one activity for them to do on Cliffton Hill --Logan picked the Sky Wheel. But Lola got scared and decided to just watch from the ground.

 ""  There's Captain Jack!"

 Then we had a quick visit from the grandparents after Boxing Day. Here's Logan giving Grandpa his gift.
 Kalia helping Daddy put together Logan's hot wheel's car wash
  " A Captain Jack snuggle buddy!"

Playing with his Scooby Doo slime with Grandpa
 Playing with new puzzles with Grandpa
 Sadly, Grandpa cut his thumb with a saw while the kids were at school. An emergency visit and 14 stitches later, their visit was cut short. Get it??? So Grandpa has been cut off from using the saw for the next bit but at least no one can say he's all thumbs now. A big thumbs up to Grandpa for a speedy recovery! I'll spare you the pictures....

The kids did get a quick sled ride in with Grandma. Logan loved having Kali sit his lap.

 On Friday Logan was off of school so he had "Special Mommy Day"! We went to the sticker store, got bubble tea and went and saw his first movie in the theater. We saw Chipwreaked, which he was super excited about. He sat well for over an hour but we left with maybe 20 minutes to go. And let me just praise the nice people of Markham --someone went and got Logan a boaster seat when I asked where they got theirs and when we got to the car Logan realized he dropped Scooby somewhere and when we went back, he was waiting for us with the ticket lady. So big ups to the lovely Markham people for making our day easier!
 For New Years we were back at the Falls.

 This time Kalia tried out a few of the rides at the arcade--and LOVED them.

 Logan even sat in the Cinderella carriage with her

 Logan and I went into the Crystal Caves. We had lots of fun and Logan was very impressed they were playing Man in the Mirror by Micheal Jackson.

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