Sunday, November 4, 2007

A Busy Baby Weekend

A great weekend for us! We went to the Mom to Mom Green Baby show. I found it really interesting and learned a lot -did you know they make material out of bamboo? And despite what family and friends have said I'm still interested in cloth diapers -maybe not 100% but I think it could be an option to use at home. It's something that I'm going to investigate further.
This show was a warm up for Allan and I since next weekend is the 'big' baby show downtown.

We also visited Lori and Jason's new addition Evan. Sooooo cute! Jason also gave us a very graphic play-by-play of what to expect. They had their baby at the hospital we will be at, so we also got the gossip on the nurses -we got a full description of the one nurse to avoid but overall they thought everyone there was wonderful.

Our house is coming along -finally! If things went as planned we would have moved in this September. Last news we got is that it would now be ready June 2008. However in the last few weeks things seem to be on a role. The foundation for the garage is in now and it looks like the house foundation might be poured in the next week.

On Sunday Vicki, Mom and I went to the Johnston and Johnston and the Procter and Gamble warehouse sales. It was worth the long line ups and got lots of goodies for the baby.

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