Friday, August 21, 2009

Logan at 18 months

Allan took Logan to his 18 month doctor appointment on Thursday and the doctor said that he has a better vocabulary then most toddlers his age.

Here are the words that he says without prompting:

banana, Momma, Dadda, bye, dude, cheese, knock-knock, ball, bubbles, oh-oh, balloon, I love you, choo-choo, what's that?, tree, dirty, more, hot, happy birthday to you, all done, bear, elephant, and thank you.

He can also do a bunch of animal noises -moo, meow, ruff-ruff, roar, etc.
He can say a lot more but needs prompting --such as names of animals, people's names and body parts.
He can also "sing" Happy Birthday, Ba Ba Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle, The ABC Song and Bingo. But it's more about the tune than the actual words.

Allan said that when the nurse came in to give him his needle he started to cry and said "All Done! Bye! All Done! All Done!" LOL Smart boy!

That evening when I got home from work we were going to take Logan to the splash park together since it was so humid. But it quickly became windy and overcasted.

We were eating dinner and Grandma called to say that there was a tornado warning for Markham. We turned on the news and they were saying that Environment Canada was urging people to stay indoors and go into their basements. We looked outside and it did seem a bit dark to the north of us and breezy but not really stormy. Allan is terrified of tornadoes so he kept an eye on the window, the Internet and the TV just in case.

After Logan’s bath about 20 minutes later we looked outside and the sky was an eerie green. Then the satellite went out. Then the power cut out a few times. I looked out the front window and saw a garbage container blow down the street and the clouds moving fast. Within a matter of a few minutes it started to lightning really bad. Not wanting a Wizard of Oz moment we decided it was time to seek cover!

Allan quickly set up a chair and Logan’s portable crib in the basement. Logan and I went down with a flashlight –I gave him his nighttime bottle and we cuddled.

Less than thirty minutes later the storm was done. The sky was shining in this wired bright yellow glow and there was a massive rainbow outside.

I saw that Wisconsin got some Tornadoes too. Hope you're alright, Omro friend!

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