Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Yurting at Mew Lake in Algonquin

Augh, one of the worst things about going anywhere with a small child is packing! We were very happy to pick up a used travel stroller the day before we left as it folded smaller than our usual one.

Logan handled the three hour drive to Algonquin Park really well.
Here he is with Tita Helen when we finally got to the Mew Lake campground.

Logan learnt two new words this long weekend: "tree" and "dirty". LOL
We decided we would just have to embrace dirt and accept that it's okay as long as it's not in his mouth. Here is Logan "drawing".
Who needs toys and tv when you have Blue Jays and Chipmunks to entertain you?!

Logan liked going down to the lake -we could get to it from a path at our campsite.
. There was tons of wild blue berries at the campground.

This was an assessable nature walk path through two bogs -one created by beavers and the other created through glacier movements.

Not so sure about this bridge! Yikes!

Sharing with Tita Helen

Enjoying snacks

Watching a hare at our campsite

"Helping" Tita Helen with the dishes ---involved trying to drink the water, stepping into the washing bucket and dropping the sponge into the dirt.

Group photo on the assessable Logging Museum hike.

"Choo=Choo", Logan said as soon as he saw the train.

At the Beaver Pond.
Ice Cream snack!
At the Algonquin art centre.

On the Lookout Point trail.

Our Yurt, #65 at Mew Lake!
It came with table and chairs, two bunk beds, a light, heater, dishes and BBQ.

Our amazing fire after Logan went to sleep

Wild Blueberry pancakes for breakfast -yum!

To end off the weekend we even saw two moose on the way home!

1 comment:

Kylao said...

Wowow ooks like you guys had lots of fun camping! Did Logan get to ride on the mooses? ... moosii... mice... moose.. whatever :P

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