Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wonderland with the cousins

Yet again, we had an exciting Saturday. Never a dull moment for this family!

In the morning we went to Wonderland with some of the cousins. Auntie Beth and Uncle Andrew both had never went on a roller coaster before, so everyone thought it would be a great idea to start them off with a ride on the
Behemoth. LOL

While Daddy went to the Behemoth, Logan, Mommy, Auntie Claire, Auntie Shirley, Jacob and Hannah went off and did the kiddie ride circuit.

Logan really liked Diego. He keep wanting to give him high fives and kisses.

What a great morning!

Auntie and Uncle invited us over for dinner so on our way we decided to stop and get some melons. On our drive of to the grocery store Allan spotted a funnel cloud. Freaky! I have never seen one in person. Ekkk! The sky didn't get green like on Thursday -this just came out of nowhere! This is really rare for Markham. OMG!

It was a bit scary driving home because it started to rain really hard and we couldn't see where the funnel was. We thought we were driving away from it but we weren't completely sure.

We turned on 680 news and they said funnel clouds were spotted in Markham and that they were closing a section of the highway that is just south of our house ---I guess that was where the police cars were headed. The tornado caused some debris and it was blocking some lanes.

Then by the time we pulled into Auntie's subdivision like two minutes later, it looked like things were getting better. Most of the streets were flooded though...

Phew! We made it to Uncle and Auntie's house safe and sound! --And hung out in the basement for a good while!

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