Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Garden gnomes and night time bottles

Loggie is friends with our garden gnome...

Logan at 18 months has been surprising us with his independence. On the weekend he ate an ice cream cone by himself very neatly and this afternoon he ate a whole apple by himself that Lolo gave him.

Normally to go to bed we sit in the chair with his blanket and he holds his bottle, then when he gets too sleepy we hold the bottle for him and then put him in his crib when he's almost asleep without a soother. The last few nights he's been standing on his chair, grabbing his bottle and then sitting on the chair by himself until we put him on our lap moments later. Tonight after he did this we thought "Hmmm, maybe he doesn't need us at night anymore. Maybe can do it himself?" So we said our night-nights, gave him a kiss and put him in his crib with his bottle, dimmed the lights and walked out. Didn't hear a peep from him. Fifteen minutes later we went in and removed his bottle which he had removed from his mouth already and turned off the lights.

I think going forward we're going to slowly get rid of this last night time bottle. Yes, I've decided that by October 1st it will be gone! I got rid of Logan's night time feeding by reducing the volume of milk and watering them down. Logan was off night feeds by late April/ early May, so before he was three months. I'm worried about tooth decay so we'll make this happen. Next adventure will be getting him started on potty training....

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